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MEPUS-UICR(Underwater intelligent cleaning robot)
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      "Zhizhen" is taken from the "Zhizhen" of the motto of Harbin Engineering University: "Da Gong Zhi Shan, Da Xue Zhi Zhen ", and is named "Zhizhen" because the company is engaged in intelligent Marine equipment.

      Truth illuminates the future" comes from General Secretary Xi Jinping's speech commemorating the 200th anniversary of Marx's birth "This theory is like a magnificent sunrise, illuminating the way for mankind to explore the laws of history and seek their own liberation." As the name implies, "truth illuminates the future"  

      It symbolizes the company's meticulous working attitude of lighting dreams with wisdom, pursuing truth and exploring the future.

Intelligent Underwater Robot

Intelligent Underwater Robot

Intelligent Underwater Robot

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